A Convenient and Reliable Place in Niigata

"RAMADA "means "a soothing place" in Spanish.
With this concept in mind, RAMADA Hotel Niigata aims to constantly improve our services and facilities.
With our invigoratingly delicious breakfast and clean, highly functional rooms that provide guests with an excellent sleep, along with our participation in the local community and commitment to the environment, we provide the greatest service to guests for an ideal price with premium hospitality.
Filled with a variety of attractions, such as a convenient location for both sightseeing and business, as well as the restaurant where customers can enjoy local specialties, RAMADA Hotel Niigata provides every guest with a comfortable, memorable time in Niigata.


RAMADA is a popular hotel brand of the Wyndham Hotel Group, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
Wyndham Hotel Group is one of the world's largest hotel management corporations that has approximately 8,100 hotels across 18 brands in over 80 countries in the world.
With its brand motto of providing "the best service at an ideal price", RAMADA Hotel is chosen by many guests for business and sightseeing occasions.

I AM Ramada

“I AM” Ramada

All associates act the “I AM Ramada Service Culture” at all times.
A service Culture Vision “I am committed to creating caring experiences – every person, every time.”

I will prepare to greet the customer with a smile and a firm attitude.
I properly wear uniforms and tags.
I am ready to help my colleagues.
I will provide neat services while anticipating what your needs are.
It is because you understand what you experience while traveling.
While firmly looking at your eyes with a smile, calling with your name, I firmly have a connection with the customer.
I will be serving with an appropriate body language and a bright and thoughtful way of speaking.
I have a firm understanding of the hotel's amenities and services.
I firmly grasp the area around the hotel to provide accurate directions and correct information.
I am willing to respond to any trivial things that you would like.
I do not use "NO" when talking with customers or colleagues.
I will not forget the gratitude to the customer and will try to make it available again.
I appreciate being a member of Ramada & Ramada Worldwide.
I thank my colleagues.

Reassuring security


Comfort and Safety

Providing Comfort and Safety for Every Guest

The front entrance of the hotel is closed between 1 am and 5 am for security reasons, but guests can unlock the door using a key card for a room that has already been checked-in.
Key cards are also required when using elevators to avoid outsiders having access to the guest room floors.
RAMADA Hotel Niigata places emphasis on providing a safe stay for all guests.

Rooms that provide functionality and comfort

Guest Rooms


Rooms Designed to Provide Comfort

Rooms located on all 10 floors are equipped with free internet access through Wi-Fi and cable LAN.
Air purifiers with humidifiers are available in all rooms, allowing guests to spend a comfortable time in a bright and spacious space.


Breakfasts that add color to mornings in Niigata



Breakfasts that make the whole day enjoyable

Breakfast Buffet in “EL Dorado” will satisfy you with various dishes to choose from including lots of fresh vegetables and bread freshly baked. Our chefs and staff prepare breakfast for you to get your brand new day started.

Even for non-lodging guests are also welcome to our breakfast buffet so come and visit our restaurant.