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RAMADA Hotel Niigata's ample facilities provide guests with a comfortable stay.

We, Ramada Hotel Niigata, are happy to offer our precious guests great facilities and
services to meet their various requests such as travelling, ceremonial occasions, parties, meals, car rental and a convenience store which is located within the hotel site. Please use our hotel depending on occasions to make your stay enjoyable.

Free Wi-Fi


The Internet Can Be Used Comfortably From Anywhere

RAMADA Hotel Niigata is fully equipped with free Wi-Fi throughout the building. Wi-Fi is not only available in the guest rooms but also in the banquet hall on the third floor, the lobby on the second floor, and the locked free spot inside the restaurant on the second floor.

Whole Building Free Wi-Fi

Main Facilities

EL Dorado

2F Restaurant&Bar

Breakfast is one of the main entertainment among the hotel experiences during your stay.
The head chef and the rest of our staff are always aiming to make your breakfast experience at RAMADA Hotel Niigata the most memorable one among your hotel experiences. We hope it will also make your whole day delightful.


Restaurant EL Dorado

Breakfast 6:40-10:00

※Breakfast Buffet may also be served in the banquet room(s) on the third floor.

Teatime 10:00-11:30
Lunch 11:30-14:30(Lo 14:00)
Dinner Temporary closed

2F Front&Lobby

The facade of RAMADA Hotel Niigata, located across the left side bus terminal of JR Niigata Station Bandai Exit, is a relaxing space based on earthy colors.
Please make yourself at home on a luxurious leather sofa.

Other Facilities

  • 5F・11F Washing Machines (usage fee)
    5F・11F Washing Machines (with charge)

    2 coin-operated washing machines are available in the vending machine area on the fifth and eleventh floor.
    Washing machine: 300 yen/use (detergent automatically added)
    Drying machine: 200 yen/30 minutes (exchanging to 100 yen coins is available at the front desk)

  • 5F・11F Vending Machine Corner
    5F・11F Vending Machine Corner

    Vending machines for beer and soft drinks are available on the fifth and eleventh floor.

  • 5F・11F Ice-making machines
    5F・11F Ice-making machines

    Ice-making machines (free of charge) are located on the fifth and eleventh floor.

  • 5F・11F 2F AED(Automated External Defibrillator)
    2F AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

    In order to be thoroughly prepared to react quickly to emergency incidents, RAMADA Hotel Niigata carries out a lifesaving training program for its employees to provide them with proper instructions on how to use the AED when it is installed.

  • 5F A microwave
    5F・11F A microwave

    A microwave is available on the fifth floor.

  • 3F The smoking area
    3F The smoking area

    The smoking area is located on the third floor.

Parking Lot

1F Parking Benten Plaza

Parking "Benten Plaza" is located on the first floor within the premises

【Capacity】 28 cars
【Parking Limitations】 Standard sized car (maximum width 1.85m x length 4.9m x height 1.67m)
【Operating Hours】  7 am - 11 pm
  Guest who are staying at the hotel (2 pm - 11 am): 1,050 yen
*Times other than the above: 170 yen/30 minutes
*If you are staying at the hotel for 2 nights or more, there will be no discount between 11 am and 2 pm, so 170 yen per 30 minutes will be charged during this time period.
For customers of the restaurant (paying 2,000 yen or more): free for 1 hour
For customers of the banquet hall: free for 3 hours
【Other parking lots nearby】
If the parking lot on site is not available, please use other toll parking spaces nearby.